Three in Italy


When I think of a trio, I think of the Three Stooges, the three blind mice, or Peter, Paul and Mary. My mind is a curious place. So there’s no telling how this post might have turned out. Fortunately, when I started browsing my photos in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, “Trio,” I found this beauty, which I think you will agree surpasses Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe.

Jesus statues


These gorgeous statues usually stand over the famous “Gates of Paradise” of the Saint John Baptistery in Florence, Italy, but when I took this photograph they were at an exhibit at the Duomo in the center of the city.

The figures depict the Baptism of Christ, and were created by Andrea Sansovino between 1501 and 1503. It must have broken his heart, but he wasn’t able to complete his commission, so Christ and John the Baptist were completed by Vincenzo Danti. The angel wasn’t completed until 1752 by Innocenzo Spinazzi.

Nice, huh?

Click on the Trio photo challenge link above and check out the stunning picture of three redrock formations in the Utah desert.


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Object in Italy


I got lost one night on the streets of Florence –

Italy, not South Carolina.

Post pub, my friends dropped off, one by one:

One to her hostel, one to his hotel, one to the train station.

“You sure you know where you’re going?” asked the last one.

“Oh yeah, how hard can it be to find the Duomo?”

Turns out there are a lot of ancient domes in Florence;

From a distance, to an American, they all look pretty much the same.

Wandering the streets, I came upon this forlorn bicycle,

And it made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Oh, the roads it’s traveled, the stories it holds!

Forlorn in Florence

Forlorn in Florence

This week’s Photo Challenge asks that we use a tangible object as inspiration and subject. Give yourself permission to escape the mundane for a minute and imagine one of the stories this bicycle holds!

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