Today I’ll be taking a break from Mr. Trump. Last night I found myself live-streaming his entire speech at a rally in Loveland, Colorado. I guess I was curious to see if he would go off the rails, as he had the day before in Pennsylvania, accusing Hillary of having affairs and so on. No such luck.

He mostly stuck to his teleprompter, except for occasionally turning around and saying he wanted the giant flags behind him moved so that the camera angles would show a bigger crowd. And another bizarre moment when he rambled, “My father and mother loved me. My brothers and sisters loved me.”

Oh yeah, and when he said that Hillary Clinton was the “ringleader of a major criminal enterprise” or something like that. He talked a lot about how great it was that he had evaded paying taxes and invested the money in “beautiful buildings” and “good neighborhood jobs.” Then he said he would fix the tax code so things like that wouldn’t happen anymore and America would be fair.

The Great Divider

The only time I got riled up was when he told the (very) white crowd that we shouldn’t be putting up with “race riots in the streets every month . . . it’s not supposed to be like that,” and then reached out to African Americans by telling them that Latinos were taking their jobs. Then he went on to say that he was going to be the great uniter, under one big American flag.

Hateful, divisive, and beyond cynical. 

Trump Fast

At any rate, my daily blogging has resulted in far too much time spent on social media, which means far too much time spent in Trump-land. I write a blog, then respond to comments, check out my new “follower’s” blogs and Twitter accounts, and it’s all downhill from there. There’s an endless Trump/Hillary Twitter battle going on, and then I have to head over to Facebook to see what my friends are saying about Trump. And of course I have to read all the corrupt liberal media reporting on the Donald’s latest misadventures.

None of this is helping my quest for inner peace that I blogged about yesterday.

So — clearly it’s time for a fast from social media. I don’t want to see or hear that man for twenty-four hours. I need to find a TV so I can watch the vice presidential debate, though – can’t go cold turkey from politics altogether. And of course I’ll have to check Nate Silver’s polling numbers a few times because they are making me so very happy, watching Hillary’s chances of victory rise from the doldrums to seventy-two percent today — phew! That was a scary stretch before Trump self-destructed during the debate.

After November 8th, I hope that every day will be a Trump-free day.


Day Seven in my quest to blog daily.