Green, as in trees.

Green, as in the money that timber companies make when they cut down trees for paper mills.

Green, as in a putting green where timber company CEOs play golf with Walmart executives and agree to sell their paper cheap.

Green, as in environmentalists who want the planet to support life, and so use 100% recycled paper even though it costs more than cheap Walmart paper.

Green, as in a political party that splits Democratic voters, sometimes causing anti-environmental Republicans of the rightwing nut-ball variety to be elected.

Green, the color you turn when you’re nauseated, for instance when rightwing nut-balls get elected.

Green, as in little green men you might see if you drown your electoral sorrows in beer. Especially prevalent around Saint Patty’s Day.

Green, as in a leaf of lettuce or kale. What you eat when you attempt a more healthy lifestyle after being too much in the company of little green men (or pink elephants).

Green, as in a person with little experience, such as a newbie writer who left a stressful environmental career to become a famous author.

Green, as in the color of envy: when other writers are published and the newbie so fears rejection that she rarely finds the courage to submit her writing.

Green, as in the crayons you use when you decide to color as therapy.

Green, as in this lovely frog that I’ve been coloring instead of submitting my writing or doing my taxes.

photo (60)

Green, as in today’s writing prompt word. Thanks, WordPress.