I need your advice. Now that my blog is a month old (happy anniversary, precious obsession!), I’m thinking it might be time to update the “About” page. WAY easier said than done.

My  About page gets a lot of visits, which makes sense, cause that’s how I scope out other blogs. I want to know: Will this blogger say anything that’s of interest to me? Do they take themselves too seriously? Have they recently discovered the F word and think it’s the coolest thing EVER? Now that I know this page is a popular destination, I realize it deserves more thought than I gave it a month back.

The blogs I’ve perused on WordPress display ridiculous diversity when it comes to these intro or summary pages, so they don’t provide much guidance.

  • Some of them are kind of boring – “I like to garden and read” (although I love both);
  • Many are basically bio’s: here’s where I worked, here’s how many kids I have, here’s a picture of my cat;
  • Some have statements of general blog philosophy “I only report the bright side” (can you say denial?);
  • A few contain admonitions not to say anything mean or controversial or political or whatever in their comments (I’m not clicking follow);
  • A surprising number of people don’t have any tabs that provide context or background or personal info.

Most, it seems, are less personal than mine. I’d spill my guts to a Basset Hound walking up the sidewalk if he gave me a welcoming glance. I’m annoyed by the ones that aim for a mysterious persona, revealing little, and the ones that seem downright paranoid, like if we know what state they live in, we might come stealing their tomatoes or using their wireless. And God forbid we should know even a first name. Now that annoys me. Who are you?

But then, I guess we all get to make our own choices; that’s what this blogosphere world is about, isn’t it? I shouldn’t judge. Sometimes it’s amusing to guess what a blogger’s name might be. Like, you can tell a Margaret from a Zoe, right? Then again, I suppose there are some Margarets out there who are hoping to become Zoes, so that could throw off my name game. I know for a while I wanted to be a Wendy — that was before the burger joint and was probably brought on by Peter Pan.

Anyway, if I don’t watch out, I’ll have to create a new page for “ramblings and digressions” and post this one there. (That, really, is what my “occasional essays” page amounts to.)

So, my point here is, what about you? If you’re a blogger, do you have such a page? What do you include, and why? What did you consider adding but leave out, and why? If you don’t blog, what would you put on your intro page if you started one? And whether or not you blog, what do like/expect to see, or what drives you nuts? And just out of curiosity, if you don’t use your name, how come?

Thanks for your thoughts. And don’t worry, I’m just looking for some input. My blog obsession won’t  lead to a grand announcement of my updated About page. The neighbor’s Basset Hound, however, is going to hear all about it in excruciating detail.